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AYS Profile


Former Tadiran employees Yoram & Shlomi founded AYS Electronics Ltd. (the Company hereafter) in 1988. Its offices are based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The Company’s eight employees include qualified experts in PCB design and development. During the last years, the Company has designed and developed highly advanced PCBs for a range of industrial applications, particularly high-speed digital circuits.

PCB Design and Development

The company founders previously pioneered cutting edge PCB design and development technology for CP in Tadiran. AYS Ltd. continues this tradition maintaining a high level of professionalism in the following categories of PCB:


• Commercial (ANSI/IPC-D275)
• Military (MIL-STD-275F)
• Digital/Analog
• Back Planes
• RF
• High Frequencies
• Power Supplies/Servo
• Controlled Impedance


• Schematic Capture
• Netlist Input
• Netlist Conversions
• PCB Layout (Mentor/Verybest/Pcad)
• Auto Routing
• Trace Width Calculatoring
• Signal Noise Analysis(icx)
• Line Characteristics Analysis
• Test Points Creation
• PCB Data Base Conversions
• GERBER to CAD Regeneration
• Penalization


• Multi Layer
• Double Sided
• Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
• Fine pitch
• Micro BGA
• Wire bonding
• Blind/Buried Vlas
• Flexible/Rigid Boards
• Fine Line
• Reflow/Wave-solder
• Laser vias
• Ict


• Complete CAD Data Base
• Laser Plotted Artwork
• Gerber/Dxf Files
• NC Drill Tapes
• Full Fabrication and Assembly Documentation
• Standard and Customized Reports
• Input to Automatic Assembly and ATE Equipment
• Prototype Manufacturing
• Prototype Assembly
• IPC files

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Special attention and extensive effort is dedicated through the design to details that effect the board manufacturing and assembly cost:
• Reduce Number of Layers
• Reduce Number of Vias
• Reduce Number of Hole Sizes and Via Types
• Direct connection with the leading manufactures
• Accurate Land Pattern Generation
• Parts Placement and Routing Appropriate to the Assembly and Reflow Methods Used

Design For Performance

Printed Circuit Boards are becoming denser and faster. Board performance is affected by such factors as:
• Layers Order and Line Distribution
• Routing Sequence
• Termination
• Impedance Control
• Shielding
• Cross Talk Avoidance
• Signal integrity
At AYS, our experienced designers will assure special attention to these details, which will result in development cycle, and a faster time to market of your product.


AYS Ltd. has proven experience using powerful PCB-design applications to formulate any design query, perform simulation and obtain feedback regarding the ultimate PCB layout.