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PCB - Printed Circuits Board Design.
Former Tadiran employees Yoram & Shlomi founded AYS Electronics Ltd. (the Company hereafter) in 1988. Its offices are based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The Company’s eight employees include qualified experts in PCB design and development. During the last years, the Company has designed and developed highly advanced PCBs for a range of industrial applications, particularly high-speed digital circuits.

• Schematic Capture
• Netlist Input \ Netlist Conversions
• PCB Layout (Mentor/Verybest/Allegro/Pcad)
• Auto Routing
• Trace Width Calculatoring
• Signal Noise Analysis(icx)
• Line Characteristics Analysis
• Test Points Creation
• PCB Data Base Conversions
• GERBER to CAD Regeneration
• Penalization
• Valor check

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1. 21 years of experience producing printed circuit designs makes us the most experienced company that design your printed circuit useing the highest technology at the lowest price.

2. We are efficient, fast, customer oriented, flexible and easy to work with.

3. Flexible business models: Provides you with a choice to suit your needs.